Meditation – Who Knew?

After yesterday’s post, I realized I was a bit too stressed for my liking and thought I would try something new to try to relieve it. I used to run to relieve stress, but I may or may not have exertional compartment syndrome and that prevents running more than half of a mile without severe pain.

Anyway, I decided that when I got home, I would try to meditate. Yeah, that’s right: I meditated. At first I was sitting in my dimly lit apartment on my yoga mat and wondering in the hell I was supposed to be doing in order to relax. “I think there’s chanting involved…maybe like an ‘ooooommmmm’ or something? Oh god, what if my neighbors heard me? They’d think they were living next to a freak. Okay, no chanting. God, this is frustrating. Why don’t I feel relaxed?!”

All of the thinking I was doing was really not helping and I began to get nervous that I had hit another dead end in the quest to find a good stress-reliever. But then, like a bright shining beacon of hope, Anna Nalick’s voice came into my head and I reminded myself to “breeeeeeeathe, juuuuust breeeeathe.”

BINGO! That was it!

So, I just started following my natural breathing rhythm in and out. Every time a thought about what I needed to get done tomorrow, what chores around the apartment still hadn’t been completed or even what my next blog post would be, I just shut every thought down when it came into my head and focused on the “in and out” feeling of breathing. Breathe

After I felt like I could be done (I didn’t put a time limit on the exercise), I felt like I could really focus on things with a much clearer state of mind. Granted, I didn’t get anything done in the 30 minutes I spent on my meditation, but I felt better on the inside. Now that I live in a life with no more due dates, papers or exams, I feel like I can actually take the time to really focus on feeling better on the inside more than when I was in college.

Being a twenty-something with no kids or even a pet, means that my meditation may be “easier” to do because there are less distractions. But, I honestly think everyone should always have at least 30 minutes of Me-Time a day to keep everything balanced. So why not use that time to meditate?

Life tends to go better when you take time for yourself and if you feel like you’re a little more stressed than you should be, try meditating, even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Just take a breath, then another one and then another.

You’re only as stressed as you make yourself. So try to relax, meditate and remember that everything always works out in the end.

Sending you good vibes and until next time,

C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Meditation – Who Knew?

  1. Post Grad Professional says:

    If you like meditating you would love Head Space! (Can’t stop telling people about how much I like it) Its a free app – for the first ten sessions and it is guided meditation. If you really like it they have different subscriptions too! It’s definitely worth a try and a great start to the morning.



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