What Goes Up…

I know, I know…I’m a bad blogger…

Last week, I went MIA for most of the week, and to that I say, I’m sorry. I know that you aren’t supposed to offer excuses with a good apology, but I feel like I’m warranted at least one mulligan. Work life and personal life got crazy and it was hard enough to think of what to do next with a project at work, much less to think about what witty, sarcastic things I should put on the blog. Or at least my own twisted version of witty and sarcastic things.

But, fear not! I have come up with something!

So, the first date post a week or so back was not just a coincidence, but what was on my brain because I was nervous-writing before an actual first date. I know that you’ve read that post and are now thinking, “Wow! Whoever got to go on a date with her is one lucky SOB!” or maybe you’re thinking, “WTF?! That girl doesn’t watch soccer but she’s still watching Grey’s? Her priorities should be called into question…” Either way, it doesn’t matter because the date went well.


I mean, I’m clearly a winner.

Our second date was great too. And our third, fourth and fifth.

After the fifth, I was giddy like a little schoolgirl (as I’m sure you are too right about now reading this…and if not, it’s probably just polite to nod in agreement anyway).

But then I started thinking: this is where things usually start getting bad.

This is where I find out that he’s still in a relationship with someone else or that he throws tantrums like a two year old when he doesn’t get his way or that he actually doesn’t get the point of sarcasm and thinks it’s useless ironic humor. Frankly, I think I might be most upset by the last one, which probably says a lot about me, but whatever.

You know, this is the time when the other shoe drops. And it won’t just drop off your foot, two feet to the ground where you can quickly pick it back up. Oh no, this shoe drops off your foot, two feet to the ground, rolls another five feet and down off of a 100 foot drop.

Yeah. That’s usually how it goes.

Tying my laces even tighter until next time,

C. Brooks

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