Wise Words Wednesday – Twofer!

Happy Wed-nes-day!!

Or at least that’s how I say it in my head when I type it. 🙂

I missed last week’s Wise Words Wednesday, so I’m giving y’all a twofer today! #blessed

First up:

Ice cream chaosI was feeling a bit badass yesterday, so I decided to just go with the feeling and buy ice cream on my trip to the grocery store. And to be more specific, I bought ice cream in a cone with a hard chocolate shell, sprinkled with peanuts. Yes, that’s right, I bought a big ol’ box of Drumsticks, betches.

At least I’ll be happy when I’m fat.

But seriously, this is the ultimate summer treat to me and it automatically puts me in a good mood. I have no idea what it is about ice cream, but once it hits your mouth, you automatically feel better about life.

Life is short: eat the ice cream, buy the shoes and date the bad boy.

Which brings us to the second set of Wise Words and one final thought for y’all:


Enjoy your Wednesdays, folks, and until next time,

C. Brooks

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