Wise Words Wednesday – Drink Your H20

I’m currently dying.

But actually. The struggle is real.

Yesterday’s birthday festivities were so fun, but deciding that I would drink that last glass of wine was probably not the best life choice.

I skipped out of work early (with my boss’s blessing, btw) and decided to head to my apartment building’s pool. Of course I invited a couple friends and they brought wine, champagne and orange juice.


perfect day for a good ol’ fashion pool party

Now, this would have been a super classy affair if not for one thing I forgot: glasses.

So we went back to our college days, or, rather, I went back to my college days, since those girls are still in school. We were just drinking straight from both bottles of champagne and orange juice, making makeshift mimosas.

I know, we’re some classy broads.

And because I didn’t bring glasses for mimosas, that means I didn’t have glasses for the wine either. So, you guessed it, we drank that straight from the bottle too.

I know you’re sitting here thinking, “These girls are perfect! How can we date them?!” Well, cool your jets, peeps because we are loving the single life.

But here’s where the Wise Words come in: drink water. Drink allllllllllll the water. Because then you can avoid wine hangovers with a headache that’ll knock you on your back.

So it’s a struggle this morning, but coffee helps so so much too. So drink allllllllllll the coffee too.


Even with how sick I feel today, I wouldn’t change a thing about yesterday. It was the perfect golden birthday and I’m so lucky to have family and friends that make it so amazing.

Until next time,

C. Brooks

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