Be a Better Baker

Goooooood Monday morning!!

Now despite what the title of my post says, this is not about how to become the best Betty Crocker you could ever be. Although, now that I think about it, that post could definitely come in handy too for when I become a housewife/trophy wife combo.

Juuuuuuust kidding.


Anywho, this is all about Monday’s Makeup baking technique. You may be thinking, “I’d prefer to not bake anything onto my face, thankyouverymuch.” But seriously, y’all, it’s the best makeup technique I’ve learned in a long time.

First, you’ll need these components:

  • Concealer #1 – I use Urban Decay’s 24/7 Concealer Pencil in FBI (each pencil color is named after a concealed government agency –they’re so cheeky, it kills me)
  • Concealer #2 – I use Mary Kay’s Concealer in Beige 1
  • Translucent Powder – I use Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder and she gets all the praise emojis because, sweet baby Jesus, this stuff is good.
  • beautyblender – can be found anywhere from Sephora to Target in the beauty supplies area.


    Da, da, da, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: I give you the beautyblender

  • Wedge Sponge – again, just head over to your neighborhood Target and pick yourself up some.
  • Makeup brush – I use a Contour Brush, but as long as it’s not a huge blush brush or Kabuki brush, it should work just fine.

The baking technique is going to give you ultimate coverage of your dark under eye circles and a good base for your blush and bronzer.

First, draw a triangle underneath your eye with Concealer #1. The point of the triangle should come to just the top of your cheekbone. Blend in the concealer with the the pad of your middle finger and stop just under your creases below your bottom lash line.

Then, place just a bit of Concealer #2 on the darkest part of your under eyes, usually on my orbital bone, and then sweep out with the pad of your middle finger. This is totally optional and only creates more coverage if you feel like you need it, but you can totally stop at one layer of concealer if you’d like. You do you, lady!

After, take the pointed part of your damp beautyblender and gently press and swipe your concealer into your skin to create more coverage. This is where you’ll sweep the beautyblender in upward strokes to get those under eye creases we were avoiding earlier.

Now time to bake!

Take your wedge sponge again and dampen it just a bit, and dip the base of the dampened wedge into the translucent powder. You really want a good heaping of powder on your skin, enough to see it still sitting on top.

You’ll put this thick layer of powder wherever you put your concealer. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes.

While you wait, I usually move onto doing my eye makeup and finishing my hair. Feel free to move about because the powder isn’t going anywhere. Trust.

I also like to put the same layering on my chin, right between my eyebrows, the bridge of my nose and just above my jawline so that I’ll have good highlighting for when I contour my face a bit.

The whole premise behind this technique is that the powder will “bake” onto your skin and give you more lasting coverage from your concealer and also give you smooth, photo-finish skin.

After the 5-10 minute wait, take your makeup brush and go to your spots covering the concealer and gently brush off the excess while using small strokes to also blend it into your skin. Continue doing this for all the spots on your face that you put the powder on.

You can also go back and blend the powder in under your eyes and around your face with the beautyblender.

Afterwards, you should have a lovely matte complexion and a smooth palate to put blush on or finish contouring.

If you want more guidance, I love this tutorial from makeup genius, Heidi Hamound.

Until next time my fellow bakers,

C. Brooks


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