Wise Words Wednesday – Giving Your All

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Today is Julia Child themed because she was one smart lady who had a lot of meaningful thoughts to share.

This first one hits close to home this week because I’m a firm believer in putting your all into every person, every thing and every experience that you come across in life.


You’re not wasting time and effort on people, things and experiences if you’re making sure you’re doing all you can to make everything the best it can be by the end. Don’t be afraid to take extra steps and to do extra work.

You’ll look back at all the work you put in and smile because you know you did all that you could, and whether the outcome is good or bad, you should be happy knowing that you worked your ass off and did all you could.

Go you!


Although, when you’re still working hard and putting in all of that extra trouble into something or someone, and it’s still not working out, it never hurts to have a blow torch lying around to help negotiate some of your ideas or, ya know, at least burn the evidence of your [possible] failure.

Your choice, though, really. 😉

Until next time, dears,

C. Brooks


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