Wise Words Wednesday – Completely Capable

G’day mates and happy Wednesday! Hope y’all are having a less hectic day than me!

So with that being said, let’s get to the main (short but sweet) event.


Today’s Wise Words are just your daily reminder that you can do pretty amazing things. Never sell yourself short because even things you think you could never do, you might look back at in the future and think, “why didn’t I try this earlier?”

Also, I would like to point out that you need to find your own definition of ‘amazing.’ Your definition and someone else’s definition could be totally different, in fact, they definitely are. So don’t compare your ‘amazing’ against anyone else’s.

Do you think you’re capable of doing amazing things? Are you also doing amazing things right now?

If your answer is anything other than “F**k yes I am!!” then I suggest you reread this post. 🙂

Until next time my amazing readers,

C. Brooks

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